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The TXi-Media Pod ™ Evolution II

Metropolis is proud to support and promote British engineering and manufacturing. Our TXi-Media Pod’s ™ are manufactured, built and assembled here in England. A process, which is undertaken by a skilled workforce – under the roof of two award winning ISO9001 and BSI quality approved, UKAS accredited partner factories.

Incorporating the highest quality components and specifically designed to fit the proportions of the classic black cab roof. The Evolution 2 TXi Media Pod ™ is composed of two 93 x 21.4 cm High Definition, High Resolution custom made LCD displays providing a resolution of 1920 x 440 pixels and a brightness of 2,000 nits. Optimised for six slots of 10-second adverts within a 60-second loop, each ad reaches 3.36 million people in a four-week period.

Following significant investment and 4 years of Research & Development, trials, rigorous testing and compliance with TFL and the Transport Road Research Laboratory, the E2 pod was born.

The enhanced technical features include class-leading high-resolution, high-brightness HD displays that have been specially adapted to create crystal-clear visuals that operate effectively in all ambient light conditions – producing stunning results.

The E2 Pod is aerodynamic, lightweight, robust and has an advanced special thermal management and anti-vibration system. It is longer and lower in height than the original model and retains the same sleek curves and contours that integrate with the iconic shape of the TX Taxi.

The pod’s sophisticated communications system provides real time location specific Geo and precision targeting which can be controlled via sophisticated cloud-based scheduling software.

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