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Geo Targeting & smart content

Metropolis has designed and created its own bespoke Geo targeting software platform, which integrates and works alongside Broadsign to create specific targeted advertising zones.

Broadsign Creator creates smart loops that are played in the right place at the right time.

Smart loops self-adapt in real-time based on factors such as internal or external conditions and triggers within other pieces of content. News feeds can be parsed and stories published based on keywords; brands can leverage user generated content as and when it becomes available; adverts can be scheduled based on demand or response metrics; meteo-targeting can determine when an advert for winter skiing is played for example; and adverts can be played based on the taxi’s location, or the time of day. Broadsign makes it easy to play an entirely different playlist based on specific parameters as opposed to just switching one piece of content.

Targeting your advert smarter with Metropolis is ultimately about efficiency – it helps advertisers maximise relevance and minimise wastage.

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